Why We Started FS Memorial Items

January 20, 2018, I lost my best friend and heart dog, Strider. Strider brought and continues to bring so much to my life. The loss that I’ve felt because of his very large absence, is like nothing I’ve ever known. Through this pain I’ve found a new sense of purpose. I want to help comfort those that are going through the same thing that I have, and continue to go through.

Through this healing process, “Forever Strider” was born. We want to offer people the chance to send mementos to their friends, family, and even themselves to help tangibly remind them that their great loves will continue to live on forever in their hearts. My greatest daily comforts are my heart lights. There’s something about their glow that brings me peace. These items are made with nothing but love! It’s In the Bag does cater to mostly animals BUT, we offer many items for people as well. Our memorial items are a comfort to all types of family members or friends that have gone on before us, 4 legged or 2!

Another wonderful aspect of Forever Strider is that a portion of all proceeds from any FS product sold goes directly to Captain’s Salute. This is an amazing non-profit organization that I am honored everyday to be a part of. This organization helps to educate and help families and pups that are affected by the challenges of daily life with the diagnosis of Wobbler’s Syndrome. To see more information about this organization please see our “favorite sites” link at the bottom of this site.

A special thanks to those whom have been there for me this past year. It’s been tough and I’m really trying. Miss my boy every single day!! Each of you have brought a tremendous amount of comfort to me and I’ll never be able to express my gratitude! #foreverstrider