Captain's Salute

A Charitable Fund for Dogs with Wobblers Syndrome

I am fortunate enough to be on the board of an amazing organization. A portion of the proceeds of all memorial items and items made with any of our anchor print patterns will be donated to Captain’s Salute in memory of Strider and in honor of Captain.

At Captain's Salute, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part to provide support to families with dogs fighting Wobbler Syndrome in Captain's memory.  Our hope is that some of this information may be helpful to others experiencing Wobblers and save you time with your research, as well as provide comfort in knowing someone else went through the same experience. 

Wobbler Syndrome affects the entire family. It’s life changing and a big commitment. But it is not impossible to take on! If you have any questions, concerns, or just need someone to talk to about your Wobbler, please contact us. We may not have all the answers but we will do our best to guide you to whatever help we can!

Our organization has a charitable tax-exemption under 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Captain's Salute is funded 100% by donations and operated by a group of dedicated volunteers.

Captain's Salute Website

Waters Edge Great Dane Rescue, Inc.

We LOVE and are grateful for the opportunity to be able to give back! We give time, money, and products to several organizations and often have fundraisers for particular pups in need. One of our very favorites is Water's Edge Great Dane Rescue.

Water's Edge does so much for so many Danes and other animals in need. They are run solely by volunteers who give their own time, blood, sweat, money, and yes, many tears! Please consider sending a few dollars when your pockets allow! Your donations are greatly appreciated and will allow them to help even more babies in need!! For more information or to even apply to adopt one of their fantastic babies, please visit their website.

Waters Edge Great Dane Rescue Website


I love to step into a clean smelling home. I've been dying to find something that was safe around the dogs and really just safe period. I've tried tart burners, oil diffusers, candles, plug ins, you name it I've tried it!! I started seeing this new air fragrance device around so I checked it out and fell totally in love with it.

It is cordless, flameless, waxless, heatless… I was so excited! Every time I lit a candle, I was having anxiety! These are a brand new breed out and already have some MAJOR companies that I will leave nameless trying to duplicate them! Even more awesome, you can connect them to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. They can be set to turn on and off at whatever designated times that you choose. It's strong enough to cover big areas, and lasts longer than anything I've used. Check them out!

I loved them so much I decided to become a rep myself and would LOVE to have you join my team! Just look at the airmoji tab! You can always pm for details or questions.

Mojilife by Kerensa Hardy Website